Friday, January 8, 2010


New post over at Velvet Steamroller about hyped-up food trends. I'm suspicious of trends of all sorts, but food trends not only are baffling, but I think can teeter on dangerous (or at least unhealthy), for the reasons I list there.

I haven't blogged much lately. Instead: I have been quilling, decoupaging, completing Project Zero (going from 445 messages in my personal e-mail inbox to 0). I have been investigating crockpot recipes, working a lot, cleaning my apartment. I have been sleeping eight hours a night.

In short, I have been living my life.

I have no intention of slowing down the blogging--I just got started, after all. But I was feeling like I was living in Eatingdisorderland--apparently it happens a lot in recovery, that you get so enthused about learning more about recovery that you sort of become preoccupied with it. I replaced reading about superfoods and the like with reading wonderful blogs like Are You Eating With Your Anorexic?, Weightless, and Grey Thinking, and I don't plan on stopping--but I wasn't reading much else. I was engaged with my eating disorder in a MUCH more positive way than I ever had been, but by having such a laser focus on it, I was still allowing it to become too much of my life. So I checked out for a while, coinciding with the holidays (which were good!), and feel much more moderate--I feel like I'll be able to better focus on the ED issues that interest me rather than just taking it all in indiscriminately, and I hope to develop more thoughts of my own through this blog.

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